Concealed Carry Licensing

File Online

Kentucky State Police

You can file online through the Kentucky State Police website using the following link.  There is an additional $10.00 convience fee, but you gain the benefit of receiving your CCDW License quicker than coming to our office and filing with us.

CCDW Online

CCDW Information

Before Filing

Qualifications, information for all military personnel, restrictions, and FAQ are all included here.

General Information

Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons License Training


If you are active duty military, or retired military and do not neet to take the training class.  You will need to read this legal handout before coming in to file for your CCDW.

Legal Handout

Use of Force Form


After reading the Legal Handout, print out this use of force form, and bring it with you when you come into the office to file for your CCDW.

Use of Force